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TRAFFIC: House cleared from US 171 southbound at Calcasieu River Bridge

(Source: KPLC viewer) (Source: KPLC viewer)

A Friday afternoon mishap on the Calcasieu River Bridge near Moss Bluff gave new meaning to the term mobile home.

The problem was the home it became immobile after becoming stuck on the US 171 guardrail.

Sgt. James Anderson, spokesman for Troop D, said the moving company miscalculated the height required to clear the guardrail.

Traffic in the southbound lanes was stopped for about an hour while crews worked to dislodge the house and slowly move it across the remaining stretch of bridge.

"I've been a trooper 19 1/2 years and I can tell you it's not often a house gets hung up on a bridge," Anderson said. "But unfortunately I can tell you this isn't the first time it happened."

Anderson said the moving company will not be cited for the incident.

The traffic situation was compounded by what Anderson called a growing trend at accident scenes -- motorists who are stopping, slowing down to take photos with their cell phones.

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