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Victim of domestic abuse speaks about new divorce law

(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)

A new divorce law allows a spouse to get an immediate divorce, if the spouse has been physically or sexually abused.

This law went into effect August 1 and is in concert with changes to criminal and civil legislation to allow for stricter laws when it comes to domestic violence.

Before this change, a divorce would take a year to become final.

One local divorce attorney, John E. Fitz-Gerald, said, "You dont have to wait the 365 days to get the divorce final, which I think allows the victim of domestic abuse a certain piece of mind."

One local woman who was a victim of domestic abuse years ago believes this law will make a huge difference to victims trying to get a divorce and said, "Whenever I actually filed for divorce, signing the final papers was just a huge relief, freedom. I knew I wasn't binded to him anymore."

For more information on domestic abuse, or to seek help, contact the Calcasieu Women's Shelter.

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