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La. Traveler - Woodworkers Club

Lake Charles Woodworkers Club display. (Source: John Bridges/KPLC) Lake Charles Woodworkers Club display. (Source: John Bridges/KPLC)

Whether it's a model car or helicopter, a bowl or something to hold valuable items, it's on display here at the regular meeting of the Lake Charles Woodworkers Club. They all look at wood as a future project.

"Often, you'll get a piece of wood with a lot of knots in it," said club member John Marcon. "Like this one right here. You kind of look at it. There's something in here, and one of these days I'll find a pattern in it."

Marcon likes to make religious items and has given several of them to his church. A show and tell portion of their monthly woodworkers meeting allows members to show off what they've worked on in the last month.

"This is bass wood," said Steve Thomas, the president of the club. "It's with an in-line dye. Seven coats of clear coat finish on it. It does turn out to look like ceramic. It's a segmented bowl. As you can see, the different pieces of wood. As the light plays off of the wood, that's what brings off that checkerboard appearance."

There may be a little bragging allowed, but the more experienced in the group love to share their tips and technique.

"Whether it is a finish, cutting, milling, whatever," said club member Gary Rock. "We share the knowledge we've had, because we've been down that road. We'll say 'Try this, and you'll come out like that.'"

Their real purpose is to encourage others, especially younger members, to keep improving.

"It's stressful for a while, because you know they haven't invented that chisel yet that puts wood back. You've got to be really careful."

The Lake Charles Woodworkers meet the second Saturday of each month. For more information, go to

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