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Perseid Meteor Shower Visible Tonight

The Perseid Meteor Shower will light up the night sky all across SWLA and the world again this week.

The annual meteor shower occurs each August with up to 100 meteors per hour with prime viewing conditions.

The meteors will streak across the night sky at speeds of 134,000 miles per hour. The best viewing will be from midnight to dawn. The peak day will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

You will want to get as far away from city lights to give yourself the best chance of viewing. Give your eyes at least a few minutes to adjust. Clouds should not be much of an issue with relatively clear skies expected. However a nearly full moon will limit the number of meteors visible to about 30 to 40 per hour.

The Perseids are associated with the comet "Swift-Tuttle." Each August, Earth passes through the comet's debris, which is 1,000-year-old dust and ice. The burning of those bits causes our best meteor shower of the year.

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