McNeese Training Camp, shoulder pads

Shoulder Pads day 4

Day 3 for McNeese training camp is in the books as the cowboys added shoulder pads for the first time,  and the veterans are continuing to show their leadership. Like those in the running back position. Junior Dylan Long, who in 2013, rushed for 335 yards, scored a total of 72 points with 12 total touchdowns. Along with Junior Kelvin Bennett, who led the team with 7.2 yards per carry and 64.5 yards per game rushing; add on 774 total rushing yards and one really wouldn't think this team could get any better. But also tack on SEC names like Nate Holmes and Derrick Milton and the Cowboy vets say these new guys are fitting in quite well.

"Holmes he's a really good running back, he's fast, he can squeeze through holes that you probably wouldn't imagine. And Milton, he's a good solid runner and a good blocker." - Bennett

"They're looking real good, like KB said, Nate goes through holes you can't even imagine, has speed, I can't even see him when he runs. And then Milton is more of a power back like myself. And both look real good right now." -Long

Tuesday will begin full padded practice, which, add in the Louisiana heat, just sounds exhausting. However. the intensity just keeps amplifying, especially that of the offensive line which has 4 returning starters including Quentin Marsh and Nick Gorman, who both earned conference honorable mention honors after last season. And they say the defense is putting up quite the fight as well.

"I thought it went good it was a lot of hostility between the offense and defense as it usually is the first day of pads. Everybody wants to make a little noise. I feel like we had a good day offense and defense wise." - Marsh

It went very well, I feel like uh both sides did a lot pf great things, both competed very well. Stayed up, protected each other the best we could, as well as doing it fast and very physical." - Gorman

LAKE CHARLES - McNeese's third day of practice of fall camp on Sunday afternoon was the most intense yet as the Cowboys slipped on the shoulder pads for the first time.

"I thought today went really good," said head coach Matt Viator.  "We added what we call some blocking, some bumping.  We're not tackling to the ground but we did add in some contact."

There was no lack of intensity throughout the two hour practice, especially during the wideout/defensive back drill where there wasn't any hiding of the emotions from the position that got the better part of the other.

"No doubt the intensity is a lot higher when the pads are on," said Viator.  "We just have to sustain it for a two hour practice.  It really got good around midway.  We just have to sustain it."

"I think both sides did a lot of great things today," said junior offensive lineman Nick Gorman.  "Both sides of the ball competed very well.  We stayed up and protected each other the best we could as well as doing it fast and very physical.

The Cowboys will practice in pads again on Monday at 4:30 before hitting the field in full pads for the first time on Tuesday.  McNeese will hold its first of two fall scrimmages on Saturday at 6.

by Matthew Bonnette