Police identify victim and murder suspect

Police identify victim and murder suspect

Lake Charles police were called to a house in the 25-hundred block of Hodges around six this morning.

Late this afternoon, we learned the man killed man was Joseph Blue, though word had already spread quickly among his family and friends.

People in the neighborhood awakened to flashing lights from police cars surrounding the house at 2510 hodges street. It was heart breaking to watch as word traveled.. Family and friends arriving at the scene horrified to learn of the death of the 29 year old Blue.

Thirty three year old Onzeletta Washington is under arrest and booked into jail on a charge of second degree murder. Judge Clayton Davis set her bond at one million dollars.

Family members say the victim's mother is out of state and will be returning to louisiana on Sunday. Right now they're all too broken up to talk. But they say they'll have plenty to say eventually. Police aren't saying much but it looks at though this may stem from some type of a domestic dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Kevin Monceaux is often across the street, where he helps care for an elderly relative. "The cops had completely shut down the road, they had just taken the body out and we had seen her, the woman's mother, on the front lawn crying. And she explained to the woman taking the shift watching my great grandmother before us that they were fighting, it was just a domestic dispute that got out of hand and the woman immediately called her mom and had gotten upset. And her mom was actually the one who called the cops," he said.

Monceaux says the woman and children who lived in the house were nice. But he says he heard the couple arguing now and then and says sometimes police showed up.

"It was never anything more than a regular marriage dispute, just disagreements over small stuff. They just argued a little bit. We watched from the street. I mean if we had ever seen anything get really out of hand we would have called the police ourselves from across the street. But the kids never talked about their parents fighting. They didn't seem like they were ever scared of their parents fighting. They were just happy go lucky so we assumed everything was fine," said Mondeaux.

Like so many others, Monceaux is concerned about the violence that seems to be everywhere. Yet he feels this neighborhood is as safe as most others.

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