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Lake Charles woman in violation of dog ordinance

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On July 29, KPLC reported some Lake Charles residents were concerned about a neighbor's pack of dogs. Thursday, the City of Lake Charles held an Administrative Hearing, but the hearing only dealt with one incident from July 4 that involves nine dogs.

 Neighbors reported the dogs, Cane Corsos, got out of their fenced in yard and killed another dog. An investigation was launched after neighbors filed complaints. Thursday, all sides had a chance to talk.

At Thursday's hearing, the City of Lake Charles ruled Abigail Green, the owner of several large dogs, was in violation of the city's zoning law 5-301. The ordinance deals with kennels.

Doug Burguieres, Assistant Director of Planning and Development for the City of Lake Charles defined it as, "the keeping of more than three dogs over the age of 6 months outside the principle structure is classified as a kennel, which is not listed as a permitted use or a conditional use under the neighborhood zoning classifications."

Burguieres says they mailed Green two separate certified letter notices. Green says she never got them.

"I remember sending one back and it said Herman Medical Supplies, and I said send back to sender. That's the only one I ever gotten. I have never gotten anything else certified," said Green.

Calcasieu's Animal Services and Lake Charles Police also investigated the property on numerous occasions.

The Community Policing Division with the Lake Charles Police Department went out during several days at different times of the day. They reported seeing a large quantity of dogs a majority of those days.

The investigation stems from complaints filed July 4 that Green's dogs killed another dog after getting out of their fenced in yard. Animal Services impounded all nine dogs that same day.

David Marcantel, Coordinator with Calcasieu Parish Animal Services says, "A lot of threats were going on for the killing of the dogs if they stayed on property."

They housed the dogs until Green could put up a privacy fence, which her daughter says she did.

Officials say they empathized with the problem but also say people have a right to live in a neighborhood.

Even though neighbors say Thursday's decision was a step forward in the right direction, they're not completely satisfied.

"We will not stop as a neighborhood until our neighborhood is safe again and all of those vicious, dangerous dogs are removed," said Gwen Harris.

Green faces a $200 fine as well as hearing fees. She has until 10 a.m. Friday to comply with the zoning ordinance.

If she fails to comply, the city is allowed to step in and take the dogs. But she does have 30 days to appeal the ruling.

Animal Services says other complaints are still under investigation.

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