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Elton teen brings patriotism to a new level

Ask 18 year old Kyler Royer what's missing in America today and he'll tell you pretty fast that it's patriotism. His sophomore year at Elton High, he got the flagpole repaired. A few years later, he got the principal to replace all the tattered flags in the school replaced. Many times, Kyler likes to visit at the Southwest Louisiana War Veterans Home in Jennings. He likes to talk with his buddy, Leroy Salsman from Lafayette. Salsman is veteran of World War 2 and served in Iran. He took to Kyler right away.

"I help transport them from their rooms to the commons area," said Royer. "During Christmas, they get a lot of presents from school kids, so I help distribute those. And I just talk to them. I think that's what they really like is just to talk."

Kyler can't join the military because of a connective tissue disease, but he makes up for it in other ways, like visiting with these veterans.

"He would ask them questions and visit and listen their stories," said Marilyn Stewart, activities director at the Veterans Home. "Just hold their hand or bring them a cup of coffee. Anything to make these veterans feel comfortable. And that's what he did."

Kyler plans to keep as close to the military as possible, once he graduates from McNeese.

"Whenever I graduate from college, I'm going for the Department of Defense and work for the Army Corps of Engineers," said Royer. "There are plenty of civilian jobs that work hand in hand with the military and I plan on doing those."

He also plans to stay involved in the Sea Cadets as an adult.

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