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Criminals to face civil penalties & community service under new ordinance


 The City of Lake Charles is getting tougher on criminals.

The City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday night to include civil penalties in addition to the criminal charges.

Those in violation will now have additional fines and community service, which would include litter cleanup.

The ordinance was sponsored by Councilman John Ieyoub.

"This is something that we recognize in our district as a growing problem as a barrage of thugs stealing and terrorizing our neighborhoods to the point where residents are having to pitch in to buy extra security. I also recognize it's not only my district. Mr. Geyen lost a grocery store because they were robbed to the point where they had to leave town," said Ieyoub. "This gives us another tool to fight crime and give the criminals something to think about with an extra fine and community service."
Ieyoub said the ordinance was a collaboration by LCPD, Mayor Randy Roach, and the Calcasieu District Attorney's Office.

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