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Sale Road construction still underway

Sale Road should be open in late October or November 1. Construction should be complete by January 1, 2015. Sale Road has been a construction zone since last October.

JJ Davidson, a resident near Sale Road, said, "As with anything, its all about expectations. So, you know we as residents are willing to wait it out. We know its going to be better once its finished, but it's extending the deadline time and time again it does have an impact on us."

Officials say the delay is due to weather and utility issues such as water, sewage, gas, and electricity.

Justin Burris is a resident whose house backs up to Sale Road and he said, "They busted a water main, and they had to open up the fire hydrant, and it flooded our whole back yard up to our deck, and we couldn't go out there for about 3 days."

Residents are all hopeful that the construction will be worth it in the end.

Davidson said, "I think its going to be wonderful. Once its done, it's going to be great for the local citizens as well as everyone around Lake Charles. I mean, this is a major throughway."

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