Two Lake Charles dogs to be featured in 2015 Petco Foundation calendar

Two Lake Charles dogs to be featured in 2015 Petco Foundation calendar


For 7-year-old Jeanie, getting attention has always come easy. With her perky ears and loving personality, the 3-legged-pooch has already gotten a taste of the spotlight.

“She was on a collection of animals on the back of the calendar,” said Petco of Lake Charles general manager Ed Chavanne. “This year, she’s got her own month. So, we’re excited to see what month that’ll be and hopefully, have her here available for autographs in the future.”

The Petco Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for animal welfare organizations across the country, hosted a photo contest for pets all across the nation for a chance to be featured in their annual Petco Foundation calendar.

Jeanie and Harlow’s picture was one of the 12 selected.

“We’re super excited,” said Jeanie’s owner, Lydia Crochet. “She makes people smile, and that’s what we love about this the most.”

Crochet says Jeanie is a rescue therapy dog and is used to help inspire local hospital patients with disabilities. The contest’s theme of “Life is Better Together” inspired Jeanie to include her playmate Harlow in the picture.

As the two entertained kids and adults at the Petco in Lake Charles, Chavanne says spreading awareness of Jeanie and Harlow’s story will inspire people to adopt rescue pets and better their lives.

“We’re the only thing that they have,” said Chavanne. “If we don’t take care of them or give them a chance, they have no opportunity to succeed. They depend on us to feed them, take care of them, and if we don’t do that then, we read the bad stories. There are a lot of good stories like Jeanie where they’ve been adopted, taken care of and now, doing good work.”

The calendar will be available in mid to late October -- in time for the holidays -- and can be found at your local Petco.

All proceeds from the calendar will go towards the Petco Foundation.

Crochet says she is working on a children’s book inspired by Jeanie’s story. You can follow Jeanie on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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