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What's Going Around: staph, yeast and bladder infections

It is a summer of infections, from staph to yeast and the bladder.  

The summer heat has us sweating, and that means an easy transfer of bacteria, according to Dr. Lacey Cavanaugh with the Vinton Medical Center of West Calcasieu-Cameron Hospital. She says one of those is staph, which lives on the surface of the skin and can seep into the skin where there is a small cut, causing a painful infection. "It can be very painful," said Dr. Cavanaugh. "It typically swells up and turns red, and someone comes in with a big red notch somewhere on their body, on their skin surface."

Antibiotics can help clear up the infection, but in some cases, a small incision will have to be made to relieve the pressure and puss.

Sweating is also the culprit behind yeast infections this time of year. "It happens in body folds, especially in the summer whenever it is very hot, and people are sweating. It causes irritation and redness of the skin."

Powder can help dry out skin folds and topical or oral medications will knock out yeast infections.  

Another infection that brings people to the doctor year-round affects the bladder. "It's more common in women, but it can also happen in men. It usually causes burning or going to the restroom frequently or sometimes even blood or an odor of the urine," said Dr. Cavanaugh.

Antibiotics will take care of bladder infections. Some say drinking cranberry juice helps prevent this type of infection, but Dr. Cavanaugh says there is not extensive medical research to prove this theory.

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