La. Traveler - Snow Cone trucks invade SWLA

Snow Cone trucks invade SWLA


You remember how excited you would get as a kid when you heard the ice cream truck coming down the street. You ran inside the house and asked your mom for some change so you wouldn't miss out.

"You see thumbs up; you see kids dancing," said Faye Magel, a franchise truck owner with Kona Ice. "You see them smiling. It's fun to watch a child when they see you coming. Immediately, they go running in the house and come out with the dollar in their hand just a-waving."

There's a new type of truck roaming the neighborhoods, and instead of ice cream, it offers snow cones. You can walk right up to the truck and choose your own flavor.

"The children can flavor their own snow cone," said Magel. "That's big hit. Not just with children but with adults also."

Just like the old ice cream truck, these trucks cause excitement wherever they go.

"Driving up into a neighborhood and watching children from ages 6 months to 82-years-old just dancing in the streets and having a good time because the truck in the neighborhood makes everyone smile," said Natasha Pharis.

Magel and Pharis operate Kona Ice trucks in Moss Bluff, Sulphur and Lake Charles.

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