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LC Police ticket door-to-door sales people

More concerns tonight about door-to-door salesmen in the area. Two men have been issued citations for selling door-to-door without a permit.
The men claimed to be selling pest control services.

It's one of those quiet streets in the University area where people tend to know and look out for each other. So, when Loraine Suarez received a knock at the door from someone selling pest control services she was concerned for herself and her neighbors.

"When I opened the door, this young man kind of got in my face to show me. He introduced himself. He had on a white shirt with a company logo on it and showed me pictures of bugs and asked if I had seen any of these bugs in my neighborhood, and I said, 'No, because I have a guy that comes and sprays,'" said Suarez.

Suarez wasted no time calling city hall to found out the sales people did not have permits to go door-to-door.

"That's when I called our neighborhood watch contact person, and that started the ball rolling on trying to track them down," said Suarez.

Within a couple of days, Lake Charles Police were able track down the two men who were posing as Terminex employees. No one at the local Terminex was available to verify whether the sellers were representing the company. Officials at Lake Charles City Hall say they did fax registration papers to someone claiming to be with Terminex.  

Carmen Million with the Southwest Louisiana Better Business Bureau has signs provided by the Ward 3 Marshal's Office that, if posted, prohibit sellers from knocking on your door.

"If a consumer sticks one of these no soliciting signs on their door, a door-to-door sales person cannot knock on that person's door. In fact, if you have a no soliciting sign, if you have one of these signs on your door and they do knock on your door to solicit business, the best thing to do is just call local law enforcement," said Million.

Suarez doesn't expect the sellers, whose car had Canadian license plates, to come back after the way residents reacted.

In Lake Charles, door-to-door solicitation permit requirements include a $100  fee plus $5 for each photo ID.  For an application and other requirements, call 491-1442. 

In our efforts to reach Terminex we eventually wound up speaking to a Dallas office employee, who gave us a number to a media line where we left a message. 

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