McNeese in favor of Instant Replay

Instant Replay

The 2014 SLC football season will have many changes, the biggest of which is adding Instant Replay to games. The Southland Conference Board of Directors officially approved full implementation of NCAA-approved instant replay for all home games beginning this season. The application of full instant replay will apply to televised and non-televised home and neutral-site contests hosted by Southland teams. This presidential approval means the Southland will become the first Division I Football Championship conference to implement full-time replay. The league will take full advantage of NCAA Playing Rule 12 for all reviewable play situations, identical to the 10 Football Bowl Subdivision conferences, the new College Football Playoff, all other FBS bowl games, and the Division I Football Championship, the postseason opportunity for FCS Programs.

The McNeese Football Program is all in favor of Instant Replay.

"I think it'll definitely help, I think it's something that the referees can use and put it to their advantage. I think it will help make sure the refs make the right call and everything is called fairly." - Antoine Everett

"I'm really excited I think it's going to help us out a lot especially the penalties of targeting, I believe. I think it'll help us out a lot just in case something is a bad call and they can even review it at half time I like it I think it's a really good implementation." - Everett Ellefsen

"I love it. I really do, i think, it's great, i think it's an opportunity to get it right which everybody makes mistakes. The game has become faster you know players are bigger, the game is faster, the game is more spread out. Which i think puts more stress on the officials, and I am excited about it." -Head Coach Matt Viator