Calcasieu Parish 'Leader In Me' teachers host training session for school year

Calcasieu Parish 'Leader In Me' teachers host training session for school year


The first day of school is fast approaching and some Calcasieu Parish teachers are teaching at a “Leader in Me” school for the first time and they’re already getting prepared.

“Our vision and our goal are to create leaders one child at a time,” said J.D. Clifton Elementary principal Pamela Bell.

A special training session was hosted by Calcasieu Parish principals and teachers who volunteered their time to help their fellow colleagues for the start of the new school year.

“We have representatives from the many ‘Leader in Me’ schools in the parish that are new to those schools this year,” said ‘Leader In Me’ consultant and Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana President and CEO Sara Judson. “They’re actually being trained on the 7 habits of highly effective people [the key them of the ‘Leader in Me’ model].

Some teachers say the program not only helps students become better leaders, but it also encourages teachers to be better educators, even if they’re already had some experience in the classroom.

“I’m really lucky to go to this now because, I’ve had some experience with it,” said College Oaks Elementary in Lake Charles 4th grade teacher Kristi Madden. “Now, I get to deepen my understanding of what all these words really do mean and how they affect your classroom and how they affect your kids.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Christopher Nanoff, who will be teaching kindergarten for the first time next month at a ‘Leader in Me’ school says the session is getting him prepared and has faith in the program’s effectiveness.

“Sometimes, the kids just need a good strong leader,” said Nanoff. “They need to be good strong leaders and I think it’ll make an impact on the kids.”

With 15 ‘Leader in Me’ schools in Calcasieu Parish including 2 charter schools and an Episcopal day school, other schools in other parishes may soon be stating the program at their schools for the first time.

“We’re pleased that ‘Leader in Me’ has now moved to one school in Beauregard Parish and I believe they will be moving to one school in Jeff Davis Parish in the next year,” said Judson.

The program is set to begin at Merryville Elementary in Beauregard Parish and James Ward Elementary in Jeff Davis.

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