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Calcasieu students learn new technology skills

(Source: MGN Online) (Source: MGN Online)
Calcasieu students are learning about new technology at the 2014 Tech Camp.

“We're trying to make it fun but educational,” said Pam Nicholson, Technology Facilitator for the Calcasieu Parish School Board. “The activities that we're doing, we're showing them activities that they'll use in the school setting.”

This year’s tech camp gives students the opportunity to learn the latest tech tricks -- all on their very own touch screen laptop.

Students also learn coding, which camp organizers said will set students apart.

“Coding is like a language of its own, and it's a skill set that uses a part of the brain they're not used to,” said Nicholson.

But it’s learning their new gadget that the students are most eager about.

“I like how they show me everything, because my dad and brother got laptops and was like we had no idea how to use them when we first got them,” said 6th grader Gabrielle Welch. “We couldn't print anything, but that's one of the first things we learned here.”

“My favorite part is learning to use the programs and upload videos so I can better use them,” said sixth grader, Alex Rogers.

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