Hometown Patriot - War Letters

Hometown Patriot - war letters

While cleaning out her late parents' house for sale, a Sulphur native found something interesting. Denise St. Pierre is learning more and more about her father Fritz, from letters he sent home to his mom during World War II. Fritz St. Pierre was a glider mechanic who served in England.

"He was a pre-med major at LSU, and the Army decided they needed glider pilots and glider mechanics," said St. Pierre. "Color-blind people don't get to be pilots, so daddy became a mechanic. Really that's what actually kept him out of harm's way."

As she prepared her late parents' house for sale recently, Denise came across the letters and began reading them. One was written 3 days after the D-Day invasion.

"It says 'Dear Mother, here it is already the 3rd day of the big European invasion. You probably know just as much about it as I do from newspaper and radio reports. That's where we get just about all our information. I guess I should have written you the past couple of days for fear you might be imagining things and worrying.'"

Denise says she noticed a few of the letters had been censored by the U.S. Army. In one, you can see the letter had a sentence cut out. In last 3 years, Denise has lost her parents and her only sister.

"Clearing the family home and finding this have all been very heartwarming and sad at the same time, but it's been a great journey and helps me learn more about my family."

Denise honored a request from the National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans and donated the letters to their archives just last week.

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