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Organizers of Lake Charles hockey league encouraging new participants


Hockey is not the most popular sport by any stretch of the imagination here in southwest Louisiana. But that isn't stopping a small group of guys from lacing them up and taking part in a league in Lake Charles. Now, organizers of that league are hoping to get the word out to encourage others to join them.

On Thursday nights at Skate City, you won't find bruising hits, awards, or sold out crowds full of screaming die-hards. What you will find is a group of about three dozen guys whose week basically revolves around three 20-minute periods of pure fun. It's a game many of these guys grew up playing, and after a several year absence in the city, is back.

"We used to have a league years ago. All the adults that are here now played when they were kids. They were all interested in playing again. The owner himself has kids now so he's interested," said Skate City Hockey League manager, Candace Roy.

Organizers hope getting the word out that hockey is back in Lake Charles will generate interest and more guys, and ladies, will sign up to take part in what some players describe as an amazingly good time.

"Being in net and playing intimately with the guys that are here, it's just awesome. It's a really great experience. I've never experienced anything like this. I mean it's still competitive. It's just a big laid-back atmosphere," said Wayne Dixon, goaltender for the Contrabandits.

The great thing about the league is you don't have to be any good. It's all about getting together once a week and, not only enjoying the game they love, but the camaraderie as well.

"What's beautiful about our league is you don't even have to know how to skate. You get out there. Everybody pays the same amount, they play the same amount. So even if you can't skate, you get out there, we work with you, you get better, and soon you may be the star on the team," owner of Skate City, Brian Guillory, said.

Those who follow the sport say hockey is the only one in which every player is constantly involved--creating the ultimate team game.

"It's very team-oriented. You know there are individuals that will stand out, but it's such a team sport. All five guys skating together have to play together," said Chance Arceneaux, who plays defense for the Raptors.

So, whether you're looking to try something new or simply want to shape up a bit, like Ted Trunick, a defenseman for the Diamondbacks:

"I am in it to try to get in some type of shape. I realized my first night out here I am not in any shape at all to be playing," Trunick said.

Organizers encourage you to give hockey a shot, and they're trying to send the message to youngsters with an enticement to parent and their wallets.

"We're trying to get the kids going, and there's no base to draw from. So, we've gotta get the word out, we can get 'em in here and let them have a little bit of free time on the floor, see if they like it or not, it doesn't cost anything...but they always get's a lot of fun," Guillory said.

Skate City Hockey is a no contact league. For more information, visit the league's Facebook page. Just search "Skate City Hockey."

Right now, organizers are focusing their efforts on getting kids to sign up, but anyone with any interest at all is encouraged to register.

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