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LC Neighborhood tired of flash flooding

While most of the water is gone, there's still a lot that remains on Broadmoor Drive - not only on the street, but also in yards and homes. This is the second time within a month Wanda Montgomery's home has flooded.

"Every time it rains. If it rains a day or two - we have water in our house. We have to throw it out in trash cans," said Montgomery.

According to Montgomery and others in the neighborhood, the lack of drainage has been an ongoing problem.

"you'll notice on the corner there is no drainage system at all on each side of the roads. And what happens is the water stays on the concrete and it buckles up and the water has no where to go and it goes in these yards and cracks up their concrete," said Randy Thibodeaux.

Montgomery, like most of her neighbors, can no longer afford flood insurance.

"More claims -- they keep canceling me. More claims they keep canceling me. What am I gonna do," said Montgomery.

We did get in contact with Lake Charles City Councilman Rodney Geyen. He said he's well aware of the problem and that a drainage upgrade for Broadmoor Drive is in this year's capital budget.

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