Neighborhood north of Sulphur expresses drainage concerns after heavy rains cause flooding

Neighborhood north of Sulphur expresses drainage concerns after heavy rains cause flooding


Home owners on Pine Straw Dr. near High Hope Rd. north of Sulphur got over 2 ft. of water that nearly covered their entire property after heavy rains passed through the area early Friday afternoon.

Christopher Prine of Sulphur has lived on Pine Straw Dr. for 35 years and says almost every time there are heavy rains, he gets flooding.

“I was in Iowa this morning and when I drove back, I had to pull my shoes off and wait knee deep just to open my gate to get in,” said Prine.

Though the heavy rains weren’t as severe as the last time they came through the area, several of Prine’s neighbors got almost 2 ft. of water that covered nearly their entire property.

He says part of the issue may stem from a recent installation of culverts that were meant to help drain the water.

“They left the three little culverts, left a catch base at the end which slows the water down more now,” said Prine. “Now, they’re even choking the ditches down more with all these car ramps on each side of our culverts. They’re channeling what used to be 2 ft. wide down to like, a food trough.”

Prine’s neighbor Ladonna Steward dealt with the same flooding and says enough is enough.

“We can’t wash because our system goes into the ditch and so the ditch is full, the pipes are covered and I don’t want the backlash to come back into. It’s not just a lot of fun right now.”

Police juror for district 14 Hal McMillan says a proposed 3 to $400,00 project that is expected to help the area drain better is being delayed due to property right-a-ways not being signed by property owners.

“We’re trying to get those signed but, if those don’t get signed then we’ll have to make some kind of move that we have to come in there and take some property to get this drainage.”

Issues Stewart says need a resolution fast.

“We need to know who these people are that won’t give us right-a-ways in order to rectify some of this.

McMillan says the High Hope Rd. area is relatively low and says the parish is continuing to work on the area’s ditches and getting the smaller ones into the larger ones to help with draining.

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