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Mayberry Deputy visits Sulphur Police Banquet

Mayberry Deputy visits Sulphur Police Banquet

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The Mayberry Deputy visited Sulphur Thursday to help celebrate 60 years of the Sulphur police department. David Browning is a Barney Fife Impersonator who travels around the country to perform at events.

The Mayberry deputy was chosen as the keynote speaker at the Sulphur police department awards dinner. He has been performing as the Mayberry Deputy for 20 years. This year he performed in Sulphur at the banquet hosted by the organization, The Friends of Sulphur Police .

After his act as, the Mayberry Deputy talked about the importance of law enforcement and acknowledged the 60 year anniversary.

The Friends of Sulphur Police put on this banquet to help officers with training and personal safety equipment that the city budget can't cover.

Mel Estess with The Friends of Sulphur Police said, "When something happens to an officer, a major accident, major illness, God forbid a fatality, money is important. Face it."

This is the second year that they have hosted a banquet like this one. They help raise money for training and this year are raising $3,000 to help when an officer faces tragedy. The friends of Sulphur Police are looking forward to the future and growth of their organization.

"Thank you citizens of sulphur and the community. They are part of building the fund to help a police officer when they are in need," said Estess.

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