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Cameron school board prepares to find new superintendent

 The Cameron School Board is starting the process to replace superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue who announced she's retiring.

 Also on the agenda-- deferred compensation Rodrigue says she's owed-- $52-thousand dollars or more.

Said Rodrigue about the $52,000 payment she received in 2012, "It didn't go to the board for another approval.  They had previously approved the salary and the salary increase."

That payment was made to her around Christmas, 2012 for pay raises she says she never took.  And when it became public she said she's due a second payment in the same amount.

Stephanie Rodrigue/August 28, 2013: " I can again defer taking that payment until any other questions might be asked that can certainly be answered.  It's all board approved action."

Fast forward a year and a half, Rodrigue announces plans to retire and she wants that money. She's on vacation, but her attorney David Morgan came to the meeting to see if the board would pay.  Instead they vote to table the issue. Board member Karen Nunez says they need questions answered.

"I asked the auditor and there are no deferrals made for any employees.  He had seen no deferrals.  So I have questions like that.  If you made a deferral, why isn't it on the ledger.  Why isn't it in bookkeeping. Why. Why is that?" asks Nunez.

The board did start the process of hiring a new superintendent--  some don't want any more four year contracts...

And they don't necessarily plan to pay a new superintendent the estimated $140,000 a year Rodrigue gets. District Attorney Cecil Sanner explains they'll advertise for applicants and hope to find a new superintendent by September 8th.

"There will be two advertisements in the local journal as well as two advertisements in the Lake Charles American Press. The advertisements will show that there will be a minimum salary of  $100-thousand dollars which will be negotiable.  Applications may be obtained from the Cameron Parish School Board  or on an online link," said Sanner.

The deadline for applying is August 15th.  Board members also expect to limit a new superintendent's contract to one or two years.
And they talked about possibly hiring an interim superintendent.  

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