Lake area residents learn open burning regulations

Lake area residents learn open burning regulations
Homeowners may not know the rules for burning on their property, according to Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality officials.

A workshop in Lake Charles let first responders and residents know what the regulations are when it comes to open burning.

“Open burning puts a lot of pollutants into the air, and so the whole nation is trying to reduce and restrict that,” said Kermit Wittenburg, Environmental Chemical Specialist for LDEQ.  

In Louisiana, the regulations are strict.

“Typically there is no burning in the state of Louisiana at all,” said Wittenburg.

While the burning of tree limbs are allowed, burning trash in a backyard is not. 
“It's just passed down generation to generation. People say, 'My dad or my grandpa did it, so I should be allowed to do it also,' but the rules have changed, and it's not allowed anymore,” said Wittenburg.

Ultimately, environmentalists are trying to give residents safer solutions than open burning at the workshop.

“We're trying to tell the message that this topic actually affects every single individual,” said Wittenburg.

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