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After 50 years, Seagraves precinct learns they were never dry

SEAGRAVES, TX (KCBD) - "Back in the 1930's, Seagraves was the closest wet area to Lubbock," Seagraves Museum and Art Center President Dan Calfee said.

Calfee said when the men went off to war, the women reportedly voted it dry, but in the last year or so, with some of the surrounding counties changing their liquor laws, the mayor of Seagraves began to research the town records. Calfee said the mayor learned there had been a countywide election where all but one precinct voted to be dry, meaning the precinct that encompasses the downtown area of Seagraves, where a few of the honky-tonks were, had to be wet for last 50 or so years and no one knew it. 

"It was just one of those situations where the consensus was the dry's won, so everybody packed up their bags and went away and I suppose law enforcement believed it too because everywhere else in the county was dry," Calfee said.

Calfee said the mayor double checked with the liquor board in Austin, the State Attorney General's office, the Secretary of State's office and through all of this research, he could find no reason why that precinct in Seagraves was ever dry.  

Upon learning this, business owners in that precinct have begun to sell beer and wine.

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