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Young jazz enthusiasts learn from New Orleans musicians

(Source: MGN Online) (Source: MGN Online)
It’s the first ever workshop like it in the lake area. Young jazz enthusiasts had the opportunity to learn from some of New Orleans’ pros in a unique atmosphere.

“It's new and different and exciting,” said New Orleans musician, John Vidacovich.

John said he’s happy to teach kids all he knows about jazz.

“Playing with young kids and improvising is putting them slightly outside of their comfort zone,” said Vidacovich.

At Luna Live, these jazz newcomers were happy to not only hear from some of the best, but also learn from some of the best.

“These workshops are important, especially in this area, where there aren't necessarily a lot of outlets for jazz education other than the jazz and the art workshops,” said musician and organizer, Patrick Shang.

In a world where New Orleans is the music capital, Patrick said this area has potential for a jazz boom.

“In the classroom you know, it's a lot of instruction like you need to play these notes to fit, but here we're going to do it more loosely and more hands on,” said Shang.

The workshop was made possible by the Tipitina’s Foundation. The foundation’s purpose is to preserve Louisiana’s unique music culture.

Organizers said 1,400 students across the state have already participated in the workshop, but this is Lake Charles’ first.

“You can sit in your room and learn to play music, but the process of playing together is a higher step in musicianship,” said Vidacovich.

The Sunday Youth Music Workshops will continue on the 2nd Sunday of every month at Luna Live. The workshops are free and open to the public. A child can bring any instrument. 

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