Terence Cahee Youth Football Camp

Terence Cahees' first annual Youth football camp started with a great turnout, around 250 kids. It featured local celebrities like Marcus Wiltz, Arinze Agada, Nic Jacobs, and Cody Stroud, as well as the Mayors of Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Westlake. The camp lasts through Saturday and while Cahee wants the kids to work on perfecting their position techniques, his main concern is for them to have fun.

"I wanna see the kids come out and compete, I want to see them have a good time. I have a bunch of awards I'm giving away, I have a bunch of fun things I'm going to have for them to do besides just strictly technique and football things. I have some guest speakers that are coming to talk to them who've had some success in not only football, but also at life. I just want to make it an experience to where they want to come back every year."

And on Day 2 of the event, participants were given awards.

Offensive MVP - Wyatt Price & Antonio Patterson

Defensive MVP - Cejae Ceasar & Josh Thomas

Outstanding Lineman - Layne Theriot & Darius Jackson

Outstanding Sportsmanship - Tyler Broussard & Pollex Coleman

"Just to see the smiles on the kids faces. All the hard work we went through with me and my whole staff, it all went to an end once I got out there at 5 oclock and we started. I presented an award to one kid, and he kind of got emotional, and that's what it's about at the end of the day: being able to touch these kids and being able to help somebody else succeed in life."

"I enjoyed helping out and giving back to the kids, that was big for me. Giving is better than receiving is what i'm trying to say, so it was a great experience overall."

"At the beginning of this he said, "Momma I'm blessed to be a blessing." And that's what he got out of it, that he was able to bless these kids, and let them know that they mean something in life, and that they can go as far as they want to go."