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Beagles used for experimentation now free!

(Source: KVUE) (Source: KVUE)
Jon Dalton McCarty. (Source: DeQuincy Police Department) Jon Dalton McCarty. (Source: DeQuincy Police Department)
(Source: Reddit, _moonflower_) (Source: Reddit, _moonflower_)

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we’re working on for 7News@Noon.

The search is on for a 21-year-old DeQuincy man who police say punched his girlfriend and stabbed a man trying to stop him. DeQuincy Police believe the suspect’s family and friends are helping him avoid capture. If that’s the case, they’re in trouble as well. Look for the whole story at noon and at

Also today, seven beagles have seen their liberation day! They are free for the first time in their lives, after spending up to seven years in cages at a Texas lab where they were used for experimentation. You can learn more about it at

We’re also following the “tail” of a kitten who joins Grumpy Cat as an internet star. She has no name yet, but goes by “Purrmently Sad Cat” or “PSC” for short because of her gloomy appearance. She lives in New Orleans and her owners have turned to the internet to get a proper name. Watch for her at noon, and check her out at

Plus, the story behind a spontaneous wedding photo that’s all in the name of fun. How would you like a dinosaur in your special photos?

Ben tells me temperatures will climb through the 80s this morning and max out in the 90s this afternoon, but will feel even hotter than that – with a very low chance of some spotty afternoon storms. What can we expect for the weekend? Tune in at noon or go to for the local forecast.

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