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Remembering Bobby Dower

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 American Press Managing Editor Bobby Dower is being remembered as a great journalist, friend and person today.
 He died yesterday after being diagnosed with stomach cancer two weeks ago.

It's more quiet at the American Press, where those who worked with Dower have trouble believing he's gone. Longtime co-workers and friends say it's a huge loss. 

"I don't think the guy ever had a down day in his life.  The newsroom, there's not only a void, it also got a lot quieter because Bobby literally whistled while he worked," said Scooter Hobbs, executive sports editor. "He was always the most upbeat, positive, ready for the next day person you would ever want to know."

"He was a trouper right to the very end," said retired editor, Jim Beam.  "I mean, he didn't feel sorry for himself. If he did, he surely never showed it.  He was really a great example for all of us.  If we can all hope to be as brave and courageous as he was fighting such a serious illness that he had," said Beam.

Dower is remembered for his journalism and dedication first in sports and later as managing editor.
"There was nothing like him as a sounding board, I remember so many things we covered together in sports," said Hobbs..

Beam said Dower had a great work ethic and was a great influence on the everyone, especially the younger journalists.  "That's his legacy. He set a pattern that the rest of us can follow and hope we can come even closer to achieving what he did."

Life Editor Pamela Seal describes him as a great boss and friend.  

"Bobby managed both roles with grace and humility over the years. He believed in all of us.  He guided us, he encouraged us.  He always supported us," said Seal.  

 Bobby was well known for his quick wit and wisdom.  Many of the younger reporters looked to him for inspiration and advice. 

"I mean Bobby was really a mentor to all of us," said Lance Traweek, who worked with Dower for the last two years.  "If we ever had a question about a story if he didn't know the answer, he would know how to get it or who to call to find out." 

Even competitors appreciated his know-how,  integrity and friendship.

"A lot of people talk nicely about people who have passed, but Bobby's one of those true classy guys," said John Bridges, of KPLC-TV.  "I mean, everywhere he went, every person that he dealt with, and working with him in Gridiron and Ad and Press Club, he was always a great guy and treated people with respect and I think we need more people like that."

Dower was 62.   Those he leaves behind include his wife Ann Tobola and their two children.  

Last week members of the Louisiana Sportswriters Association visited Dower's hospital room to award him the 2015 Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award in sports journalism.

Arrangements are being handled by Johnson Funeral Home. To hear more of our interviews remembering Bobby Dower look for our web extras.

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