CPSO K-9 deputy patrols Lake Charles area

They are a vital part of law enforcement. We learn just what it's like to go on patrol with a deputy and his specially trained dog. xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

His name is Bart. His partner Nathan McKee said he's just like any other dog, but he loves to work.

"They call us in anything relating to narcotic searches and also if needed an apprehension of a suspect," said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy, McKee.

Bart is always preparing for the next investigation.

"It amazes me how smart he is," said McKee. "You show him something and he'll just figure it out."

This particular day, Bart was looking for a suspected robber near Country Club.

"He can track from the scent whether it's clothes or shoes," said McKee.

Bart has served the sheriff's office for five years, but his handler has had him for only two months.

"He kept rolling around and wanting me to pet him and that's when I knew that the dog didn't want to go anywhere else," said McKee.

Months later, these two deputies are doing what they love most together.

"He's having fun doing it," said McKee.

And with Bart by McKee’s side, he said his job is that more enjoyable.     

"My favorite part is the bonding and always having someone to talk to," said McKee.

And the bonding continues at the end of the day when Bart clocks out and becomes just man's best friend.

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