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State Police report on Rodrigue reveals alleged violations

Cameron School Board Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue. (Source: Theresa Schmidt/KPLC) Cameron School Board Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue. (Source: Theresa Schmidt/KPLC)

Louisiana State Police concluded there were violations of the law when they investigated Cameron Parish School Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue in regards to her employment contracts.

However, the Louisiana Attorney General's office declined to prosecute, saying they found no criminal intent.

KPLC-TV has obtained a copy of the state police report from Cameron School Board Member Tracy Carter.

The state police investigation concerning Rodrigue dealt with her handling of various records, including her employment contracts, which are public documents.

Ultimately the report says police found Rodrigue in violation of the following laws: second degree injuring public documents and filing or maintaining false public records. To read the report click here.

According to the report, the evidence revealed various date and signature discrepancies, including signatures notarized after the fact, without the notary being present for the signing.

These are among issues of concern raised by several citizens and school board members, including Tracy Carter, who furnished us with a copy of the state report:

"There's a lot of unanswered questions still, and we need some help to... we just need help from somebody who knows how to deal with this to come in and take, oh, you know, take the wheel," said Carter.   

When we talked to Rodrigue in August 2013, about various discrepancies in the public records, she denied any wrongdoing.

"Honestly I,  to know exactly and know how did the 2009 get typed in instead of 2010, and I honestly don't know. It was over four years ago. I honestly don't remember," said Rodrigue. "I mean there is no connect the dots there, if that it what is being suggested."

The state police report says most of the allegations against Rodrigue were ethical, not criminal,  in nature. We called officials with the ethics board who say they cannot confirm nor deny whether they are investigating.  

We did call Louisiana State Police to see if they have any comment on the report. A spokesman says they don't comment on matters that have been turned over to the Louisiana Attorney General's Office.

We also contacted the AG's office to see if they had anything more to say about the report. We've not yet heard back.

Rodrigue was not available Wednesday for an on-camera interview, but she sent KPLC a statement re-stating that she did nothing improper.

Here is her entire statement:

"The Louisiana State Police report refers to the actual date that my contracts were signed and notarized.  While it remains unclear exactly when my contracts were signed, several items are perfectly clear.  

First, it is clear that it was the School Board's obligation to finalize my contract.  To do so, they directed that a contract be prepared by the School Board's attorney.  I did not draft my contracts.  The contracts were given to me by the School Board's attorney to obtain signatures, including that of a notary, without any instructions as to when the contracts were to be dated as having been signed.  In hindsight, I have learned that a notary signature was not even necessary.

Second, it is clear that the terms of my contract, including the salary and dates of employment in both the July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2012 contract and the January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016 contract, were approved by the Board and then placed into the written contracts.  In fact, the latter contract terms were approved unanimously by the Board, including Members Tracy Carter and Karen Nunez, who were interviewed in your report last evening.

Third, I received no benefit whatsoever from the date that the contracts were signed and notarized.   This was confirmed by the Attorney General's Office, in addition to the State Auditor"

Concerning the ethics comments in the report Rodrigue said, "There were several allegations made, in addition to the contract matters, by the various people (including Board Members) who made complaints or otherwise spoke to the Louisiana State Police.  To my knowledge, none of those allegations resulted in an investigation by the Ethics Board." 

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