Sulphur Gets ready for the 2014 football season

Sulphur has been working hard for this upcoming season, having to replace about 30 seniors. The early morning summer workouts are only the beginning. The Tors have their first official team meeting July 28th followed by those 7AM workouts, sometimes even two-a-days. And while this year brings changes, including a different home venue and new uniforms, this team is just ready to hit the field.

"We're looking forward to the season, we've had a great turnout for summer workouts this summer, and the kids have bought into all the new concepts and things we're trying to do and we want to put it all together in a team format and start out a new season. So we're looking forward to it, the kids are excited about all our changes that we're doing, so we're just excited to get on the field and text out all the new, different plays and things you want to try for this upcoming season and are ready for practice and ready for a new process to begin."