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City of LC to consider 1/4 cent sales tax for Dec. ballot

The City of Lake Charles is considering calling a ¼ sales tax election. Under state law the city must give a 30-day notice before any discussion can take place.

Mayor Randy Roach said it's something to consider and could help meet growing retirement costs and pay raises for city employees.

This proposal comes at a time when city retirement contribution rates are significantly above average and are projected to continue at these rates for the next several years. The excess retirement contributions are costing the city an additional $2,000,000 a year and must also be paid out of the City General Fund.

The City of Lake Charles will also present a salary survey that they anticipate will indicate a need to increase starting pay for most job classifications in the city in order to keep pace with the job market during the anticipated economic expansion.

The city is currently paying a ¼ cent lower sales tax than the rest of the parish. If approved it would generate around $5,000,000 annually.

"That would go a long way. That would definitely help plug the gap for what we are anticipating as far as retirement contributions, salary demands, and capital improvements. I think it would go a long way of meeting the needs that we have now and the future,” said Mayor Roach.

The City Council will discuss whether or not to put the tax item on the December 6, 2014 ballot at their August 20th regular meeting.

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