Sen. Landrieu pushes for more offshore energy production

The importance of offshore drilling took center stage Monday in Lafayette. Industry stakeholders were there, including Senator Mary Landrieu, to discuss ways to develop our offshore resources.

Landrieu was joined by a representative from the Department of the Interior. Sen. Landrieu discussed the importance of offshore oil production with members of Louisiana oil and gas companies.

The meeting also focused on drafting a five-year plan for 2017 through 2022. With Louisiana being a leader in the nation's offshore oil production, Landrieu said there was no better place to hold the first hearing.

She said more offshore drilling translates to higher paying jobs and energy security.

"We want the country focused on America's energy coast and what we provide in the way of jobs, and economic opportunity for our nation and frankly for the drilling operations going on all over the world," said Landrieu.

While Landrieu said this is an example that good things can happen when more areas are opened for offshore drilling -- she said it has to be done in a responsible manner.

In response, the Republican National Committee released the following statement:

"Field hearings are no substitute for results, something Mary Landrieu has repeatedly failed to deliver as President Obama's energy chair. Landrieu's repeated failures to get the Keystone Pipeline approved or hold Obama's EPA in check show the only power she wields is the ability to self-promote." - Ben Voelkel, RNC Spokesman.

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