Oberlin woman claims man intentionally shot car window

Oberlin woman claims man intentionally shot car window
(Source: Kimberly Plummer)


Kimberly Plummer of Oberlin says her family is still in shock after a gun pellet shattered the back passenger window of her niece’s car while they were driving near Iowa Sunday afternoon.

“We were going to the Sulphur water park,” said family friend Harriet Crumpe, who was in the car with Plummer when the incident happened.

Plummer contends the incident was intentional and even confronted the man she claims did it.

“Where he was shooting from, there was no mistake he could not have been shooting at black birds, he was shooting at the road,” said Plummer.

Plummer says it took a lot for her to get off Highway 165 to demand answers from the man, who lives off Highway 165.

“The guy with the gun comes around from the left side holding the gun with the stand still attached to the gun, binoculars, and a sculpt on top of the gun,” said Plummer. “So I asked him, “Why did you shoot my nieces window out?”

Crumpe, also of Oberlin, was sitting next to the window when the pellet shattered the glass near her face.

“The bullet was right by my face when the glass hit my face,” said Crumpe. “If it wasn’t for my glasses, I would’ve had glass all in my eyes. I had pieces all in my eye that I had to rinse out.”

Though Crumpe and Plummer claim the man intentionally shot at the road, the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ivy Woods says the shooter contends otherwise.

“At first he denied everything and then he confessed to shooting in the area of 165,” said Woods.

Woods tells us the shooter, who hasn’t officially been identified by deputies, tells us that they were shooting with an aerosol gun, which is almost like a high powered BB gun. Though it didn’t cause any serious damage to any of the passengers during the incident, Woods says he wants to remind shooters that aerosol guns can cause just as much damage as regular rifles.

“It does make everybody scared and seeing a person with the person with the weapon of that sort,” said Woods. “So, you need to be aware of where you point the rifle and where you are target practicing.”

The Jeff Davis sheriff’s office says the unnamed shooter was charged with illegal discharge of a weapon and criminal damage to property, but due to the overcrowding at the Jeff Davis jail, he was only cited a ticket while the incident remains under investigation.

All information will go to the district attorney’s office to determine if further action will be taken.

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