Inexpensive taser-like devices help residents stay safe while on the go

Inexpensive taser-like devices help residents stay safe while on the go


According to reports, assaults on prison employees have dropped since officers began carrying tasers in 2011, but what about tasers or stun gun devices for regular civilians?

“They’re good for self defense,” said taser and stun gun seller Terrance Anderson of Lake Charles. “My main buyers are the ladies because I mean, nowadays, stuff is getting crazy. It’s always good to have protection.”

Anderson has been selling rechargeable taser like devices for $20-$25 for two years.

“If you look under 18, I ask for ID,” said Anderson. “If you’re over 18, that’s when I sell them to you.”

The Lake Charles Police Department says these are not like police model tasers, which can run in the hundreds. They say these are similar to tasers but are more like stun guns which are used to immobilize attackers without causing serious injury.

Mary Bellard of Lake Charles bought a $20 device from Anderson at a recent festival and says she’s a fan.

Our city police is very well, our sheriff's department, our fire department here in Lake Charles is terrific, but they can’t be everywhere at the same time,” said Bellard. “This is just one of the things that I came across that would be of a lot of help for us with no effort.”

Bellard has lived near 7th Avenue in Lake Charles for 38 years. She says a few weeks ago, the back window of her car was broken into and says the device is just what she needed.

“When that happened, I started seeking things that I may need that will help me,” said Bellard. “When I spotted the tasers, which I had been reading about, I said, “Well hey, this is exactly what I would need.”

Bellard also says it’s a great way for senior citizens like herself to stay safe.

“This is very simple and easy to use,” said Bellard. “For me, this was the most comfortable thing.”

Police say there is no difference between a person using a taser to defend themselves or a blunt force weapon, like a baton, club or pepper spray.

They say if a person were to use one in the commission of an offense, they would be charged the same as if they had used a can of pepper spray, a baton or a club during the commission of the offense.

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