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What's Going Around: heat rash, bug bite reactions, severe sunburn

This week's What's Going Around takes us outdoors where summertime fun is leading to some unhealthy skin problems.

Excessive heat exposure and the obstruction of sweat glands because of that heat is leading to more cases of heat rash.  Lake Area Family Medicine physician, Dr. Tolvert Fowler says, "The symptoms of if might be a pustular rash or it can be a reddish, raised rash.  It can be on certain parts of the body, particularly the sun-exposed areas or it can be widespread, all over the body."

Calamine lotion and antihistamines can help treat heat rash, but if the condition does not improve after a couple of days, you need to see your doctor.

While you are outside, you are also at a higher risk of bug bites and with that can come bug bite infections and reactions that could be dangerous. "A bug bite can happen to anybody," said Dr. Fowler, "but those more prone to it are going to be young children and those with compromised immune systems."

The best way to avoid bug bites is to use a repellant and to try to avoid being outside at dawn or dusk.

If you are outside during daylight hours, make sure to slather on the sunscreen to avoid severe sunburn. "Severe sunburn, you're going to have more pain that's out of proportion to what we usually expect," said Dr. Fowler, "blistering, swelling of the area and of course the redness that goes along with it."

If you want to avoid a severe sunburn, the best way to do that is to wear light, protective clothing, use a broad spectrum sunscreen and seek shade in the sunniest parts of the day.

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