Four-year-old Darrell needs a special home to thrive

Four-year-old Darrell needs a special home to thrive

A four-year-old in state care needs a home that can provide him with the love and attention to let him thrive and reach goals that have previously been out of reach. This month's branch of The New Family Tree features Darrell's story. 

Darrell has spent more time in doctor's offices and physical therapy sessions in his four short years of life than some adults will ever see. He is strong and has made tremendous progress in spite of the medical obstacles he faces.

Several medical conditions have made Darrell's life hard, but Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) adoption specialist, Desiree' Bellard says a forever home could transform his abilities. "Just a home that would be patient with him. They would have to spend a lot of time with him, give him a lot of attention and most of all - just love," said Bellard.

Darrell has been in foster care for more than half of his life. It is going to take a very special family willing to take on Darrell's special needs to bring him the stability and love to thrive.  

DCFS will work with an adoptive family to provide the resources Darrell needs at no cost. "He is getting different therapy sessions for his developmental delays, and whatever is out there that we can help provide, we will do that," said Bellard.

Even though Darrell cannot speak, he can communicate, and his tender heart shines through. "He's just fun-loving. He's full of energy. He loves to play. He loves things that are musically inclined," said Bellard.

If you have the capacity to embrace this special child and match his excitement for life, you may be the mom or dad Darrell hopes to be with forever. "Darrell can just give life to a family just like any other child," said Bellard. "He'll just make the family more complete."

Darrell is ready to be adopted through DCFS. His special needs make him a candidate for adoption subsidies to help with expenses. Call 337-491-2470 to learn more about the adoption process.  

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