World Cup fever hits Lake Charles

World Cup fever hits Lake Charles
Alex Zachary, manager of Third Coast Soccer on Ryan St., stocking on authentic jerseys.


It happens once every 4 years but when it does, the World Cup gets more people buying jerseys, memorabilia and even serves as motivation to get themselves out on the soccer field and Lake Charles’ soccer stores and leagues are already feeling the World Cup frenzy.
For Third Coast Soccer store on Ryan St., business has been brisk. Manager Alex Zachary says they’ve sold over 20 jerseys in just one day, a big spike in sales for Third Coast.
“We are almost completely sold out of the away US jerseys,” said Zachary. “Just because everyone’s really, really excited and pumped for that.”
Zachary says jerseys are one of the hottest items for sale during the World Cup.
“The farther any team gets into it, the more excited its fans get,” said Zachary. “I think that’s what it brings to people. It’s the feeling of unity, showing other nations what you’re about and of course, winning.”
League administrator for the Calcasieu Soccer Club Paul Burgess says more younger players are signing up due to the games but keeping their interest after can be a challenge.
“People play sports because its enjoyable,” said Burgess. “We’ve always got to remember that. The main thing that we’re concerned about is providing a good experience that they can actually feel like they’re developing as well as having fun.”
So what makes the World Cup and soccer so special to locals?
“It’s just a world display of a beautiful game,” said soccer coach Irvin Clark. “There’s no sport like this.”
Ariel Harrington, a league soccer player for the Calcasieu Sports club says she likes the sport because it’s competitive and for her fellow soccer teammate Chance Popiel, he says he’s been playing for a long time and that he hopes to get father in it.
The Calcasieu Soccer Club is open for registration. For more information, CLICK HERE.
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