7 inches of rainfall floods streets and homes in SWLA

7 inches of rainfall floods streets and homes in SWLA
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Around seven inches of rainfall hit Southwest Louisiana today, flooding streets and for some residents, their homes.

Standing on her front porch Dena Jones witnessed vehicle after vehicle attempt the high waters over Country Club Road, "There's been several cars stopped from the flood waters, a police officer that a U-Haul picked up."

And while many drivers had the option of avoiding flooded areas, many homeowners did not and say the flooding came to them.

"This isn't the first time," said Elridge Montgomery who spent Friday afternoon keeping his flooded backyard from flooding his home.

Heavy rainfall caused the water in his backyard to leak in through the cracks.

Elridge and his son say they spent a good five hours soaking up the excess water with towels, "Scooping water, putting it in a bucket and throwing it outside."

Next door neighbor Joshua Moreaux says he had to stop working to deal with the flooding.

"I have a home occupancy business, which is a beauty shop, next to my home. And as you can see right now I'm not working, because of the flood. People can't come and can't get out," said Moreaux.

Both residents, who live on Broadmoor Street, say this is typical, even on days with light rain.

"It's unbelievable," said Moreaux.

Despite phone calls to the city, they say the problem has been ongoing for more than a decade.

"Some people are afraid to file claims because of insurance going up. You just can't afford it anymore. So they just deal with the issues at hand," explained Moreaux.

For today, that means no clients for Moreaux and a flooded bedroom for Elridge and his wife that their son is helping clean.

Due to a lack of drainage in their area, residents on Broadmoor say even after today's rains, their yards will likely remain flooded for up to a week, but they're hoping the city will step in and help.

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