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I wanna know: How to get a new doctor

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 For people who go to the same physician most of their life, it's hard when they eventually have to get a new doctor.

Like a lot of people who have gone to her for years, I wanna know how to get a new doctor, since Dr. Sylvia Boyer's retiring.

Boyer has been in family practice in Lake Charles for nearly four decades.  She now has more than 800 patients-- many of whom hate to see her retire.

Said patient, Marcie Beverly, "Dr. Boyer is a magnificent doctor.  I just hate to see her leave cause she's so good, she has a good heart and she's a good doctor."

Dr. Boyer started as a teacher many years ago in Bangladesh and wound up going to medical school there.

"With about four nurses in our program and a paramedical worker we set up some leprosy control clinics and we trained paramedical workers to work in our local villages and helped to look for new leprosy patients and get them into treatment," said Boyer.
In the late seventies, she came back to the states and eventually to Lake Charles.   But she says it's time to retire after a very satisfying career.

The physician group affiliated with Dr. Boyer is helping patients make the transition.
Trish Monie is the SWLA Regional Practice Administrator for Christus Physician Group.

"When you have that established doctor patient relationship it's difficult, especially for someone who's been practicing for so long.   And she has such long standing relationships with some of her patients.  But we do have other Christus physician doctors that are happy to assume the care of her patients," said Monie.

In general, Monie says there are various ways to find a new doctor.

"Some practices have physician finder networks where you can actually contact a hospital and say, hey I'm looking for an endocrinologist or primary care physician. Most patients also can contact their insurance companies and the insurance companies will tell them here's a list of providers we have in network," said Monie.
Dr. Boyer is confident her patients will be in good hands, yet her care and concern linger. She hopes the new law will enable more to receive affordable care.

"I think people have to give it a chance, I think it's going to be good in that it will allow many more people to get insurance.  This state has not accepted the extension of Medicaid which is too bad has really caused a hardship on many people but hopefully things will change with the next election," said Boyer.

And so, as she prepares to start a new life in Oregon she won't forget her days here. Nor will her patients forget her.

"I hope she has a beautiful retirement, a splendid one because she deserves it. She worked real hard with her patients. I'm gonna miss her really and truly," said Beverly.

To hear more of our interview with Dr. Boyer about her early years click here.

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