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Park asks drivers to slow down following duck deaths

(Source: WikiCommons/Richard David Ramsey) (Source: WikiCommons/Richard David Ramsey)

The Jeff Davis Parish Tourism Commission says people speeding through the Oil & Gas Park in Jennings are the cause for recent duck deaths.

Marketing Director Dione Sabelhaus says up to eight ducks have been killed on the roads in and near the park in the last two weeks.

"It is a park where there's a lot of children so when they drive into the park, they should only be going 5 miles an hour," said Sabelhaus. "We do have speed bumps but people ignore those."

The park is home to nearly two dozen ducks including several mallards, mallard hens and at least 5 baby ducks who nest along the park's pond. Sabelhaus says she recalls one particular incident in which a duck was ran over in front of a group of students on a field trip.

"This man in a white truck just goes on by right here where the duck crossing is and he just proceeded to run over the duck in front of all these kids and the kids saw," said Sabelhaus. "We tried to see if we can talk to these people so they can slow down."

Sabelhaus says tourism officials are working on getting signs posted in the park but in the meantime, she simply wants visitors to slow down.

"Just slow down, and when you see the duck crossing, because usually we have a sign where the ducks cross to get to the ditch, and whenever they're on the service road if you see a duck, stop. Don't just keep going because they're not going to fly out of the way, they move slow. So, just slow down and be courteous and let them walk on by," Sabelhaus said.

The Jeff Davis Tourism Commission is seeking help and advice from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on ways to keep the ducks safe.

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