Lakefront trash results in volunteer effort

Volunteers cleanup trashy lakefront

Kenny Bertrand loves to feed the ducks and geese along the lakefront of Lake Charles. But months ago, he noticed all the trash and garbage that wash up on the shore from the lake.

"I came out here and actually witnessed the birds were nesting in the trash and litter," said Kenny Bertrand. "It got the wheels turning wanting to do something about it. It got me in touch with groups of people with the same concerns.

It seems this north east corner of the lake between Veterans park and the Bilbo cemetery collects the most amount of litter. So Bertrand went to Boy Scout Troop 84 and asked if they could help. It seems the Scouts' "Leave No Trace" program fit right in to this situation.

"Leave No Trace is basically you come and make it cleaner than you found it," said Zachary Castille, Senior Patrol Leader. "Pick up all your trash, pick up other people's trash. It's necessary for the community or else it'll look like it did this morning."

Bertrand says getting the Scouts involved will hopefully teach them the importance of not littering.

"Throughout their lives whenever they see some littering or something happening, it can strike a chord with them and realize that they can stop it or pick it up or let the individual know it's not the right thing to do."

The City of Lake Charles helped out in the effort, providing receptacles for the trash the Scouts collected.

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