Receiver Nation Scoring Saturday Dreams

Receiver Nation
Going into his junior year of high school, Barbe tight end DeSean Smith was what you would call a work is progress.
      That's when he hooked up with sports trainer Erick Franklin, who was just starting his program Receiver Nation. Franklin put Smith through drills, that he thought were easy at first, but didn't go as planned.
      But in two years, with the help of Franklin, Smith developed into an All-American earned a scholarship to LSU. Westlake's Jacory Washington, also coming through the program on the way to becoming a Tiger.
     A nd with that track record, receiver action has now grown to over 30 kids, big and small and includes most positions on the field. The main goal of the program, to try to help Lake Area kids make it to the next level. 

Not only does Franklin and his staff teach kids the tools they need, but also tries to get them notoriety as well, by bringing them to various college camps, all for free, with the hope that the favor will be repaid in good will.

For Desean Smith, the lessons he learned are still paying off at LSU.

And Smith believes it will help others to shine, as long as they buy into Franklin's motto.