Bruchhaus to begin role of Superintendent

Bruchhaus to begin role of Superintendent
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - On Tuesday, the Calcasieu Parish School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Wayne Savoy.

The board actually met last week to discuss contract terms, but decided to postpone the meeting until today so they could have time to review it.

Karl Bruchhaus was voted in as superintendent June 14. Tonight, they approved his contract which states he'll begin his new role Wednesday, effective through December 2016.

"Tonight at midnight, Mr. Savoy's official contract as superintendent will end, and mine actually starts at 12:01," said Bruchhaus.

Following the acceptance of Superintendent Wayne Savoy's resignation, Calcasieu Parish School Board members reconvened Tuesday to go over contract details for newly elected Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus that they delayed from last week.

"Let's accept this thing as it is, we've looked at it and that's my motion," said CPSB member Bill Jongbloed.

While some board members wanted to get on with the process, others like Clara Duhon said, "I thought we were going to discuss and then accept. That was why we canceled the meeting last time."

Board members questioned details in the contract from wording to Bruchhaus wanting to use his own vehicle for work.

But it was his decision to remove a clause sparked debate.

"I just was hoping that if I was released because somebody didn't like the color of my eyes that I would have an opportunity to still retire with the Calcasieu Parish School Board. I did remove that in the interim because I perceived it as a controversial item," said Bruchhaus.

"I want to commend you for what you did, to move forward. And I think this board needs to move forward," said CPSB member Joe Andrepont.

While there was plenty of discussion, there were only three modifications to the contract itself.

"Basically the date from last week to this one, as a beginning date. The second was the salary was modified to be the actual advertised salary. The third thing was actually a clause that was written in the contract last week about continued employment and that was taken out," explained Bruchhaus.

To make things official, Bruchhaus signed his oath of office.

And while it hasn't been a seamless transition, Bruchhaus says, "Tomorrow we'll start meeting with groups of people and setting expectations and letting them get to know me in this leadership role. They've known me in another role. So they'll get to understand my philosophy and they way I'm going to do things going forward."

Bruchhaus says they also plan to begin advertising for both the Chief Academic Officer and Chief Financial Officer tomorrow.

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