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Sulphur family of woman killed looking forward to murder trial


The family of a Sulphur woman killed by a Texas man is speaking out about new developments in the case.

Tami Higginbotham, 41, was reported missing on February 9, 2013. According to her family she traveled from Vinton to Orange, Texas to sell Josh Latham a cell phone. Her body was found about a week later in a wooded area in Newton County, Texas. An autopsy said she was strangled to death.

Latham was later arrested and has been charged with a 1st degree felony murder charge, and 2nd degree felony charge of tampering with evidence.

Higginbotham's family said Latham was released from jail after a bond reduction hearing, only to be arrested three weeks later in Orange County on a probation violation.

"We're just glad he's back in jail. We never understood why he was released in the first place," said Linda Mauldin, Higginbotham's mother.

Higginbotham's parents and sister have had a lot of highs and lows over the past year and a half.

"I'm learning a lot about the justice system for Texas and I'm not too happy about it," said Staci Robinson, Higginbotham's sister.

"You try to find out information and the only thing they ever say is -- we can't tell you anything. For the families of the victims, it's hard to sit and wait with no information. We need something," said Linda.

A trial date of Monday, September 22nd has been set. Higginbotham's family knows there is always the possibility the date could get pushed back, but said it feels good to finally be moving forward with a date.

According to Higginbotham's family, she was a recovering drug addict. They said even though she had been clean for two years, they're prepared for damaging testimony.

"All I can hope for is that we get 12 honest people that want to listen to the facts and they are going to have to read between the lines," said Linda.

Higginbotham's family is also looking forward to confronting Latham.

"He's nothing but a coward. And that's what I would look at him and tell him. He's nothing but a coward by the way she was murdered," said Bill Mauldin, Higginbotham's father. 

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