Study shows a rise in obese pets

Study shows rise in pet obesity

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Similar to the growth in people, many pets are also gaining weight.

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of household pets are overweight.

It's common for Veterinarian Renee Grudzien to care for lake area cats and dogs carrying a few extra pounds.

"We've seen a lot more pets with obesity issues and I think a lot of that is that people are more urban now than they used to be and so they're stuck in apartments, stuck inside, and people work 40 hours a week," said Grudzien, a veterinarian at Reina Veterinarian Clinic.

Grudzien said animals love to eat as much as people and obese pets can often mean many health issues.

"As we feed them they get heavier and then they're less active and then they eat more and it just becomes a sort of downward spiral of gaining weight and moving around less," said Grudzien.

While Grudzien said grocery store food is not necessarily bad, she said purchasing premium food is the best bet.

"With low quality dry dog or pet food, your pets are more likely to have obesity problems as time goes on," said Grudzien. "If you feed them more premium food then the protein content tends to be higher."

She also said portion control is extremely important, along with exercise.

"Exercise doesn't have to be structured walks, exercise can be throwing the ball for your dog, and it can be hanging toys for your cat," said Grudzien.

Ultimately, Grudzien said contact a veterinarian before putting a pet on a new diet.

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