Applicants can now apply online for concealed handgun permit

Applicants can now apply online for concealed handgun permit
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you want to legally carry a concealed handgun in Louisiana, there's a new online option. Louisiana State Police say applicants can now submit their forms online.

Sergeant James Anderson, Public Information Officer for Louisiana State Police Troop D says, "In our state over 26,000 applications were received by Louisiana State Police last year."

Anderson says that's the number of concealed handgun permits Louisiana State Police had to review.

So, to expedite and improve the application process, there's a new option available.

Clicking through the online permit process, Anderson explained, "They can go to Everything links over. Select application type, concealed handgun permit."

From there, it's just a matter of typing in your information.

While the application itself hasn't changed, there are some new options.

For example, rather than mailing in documents, they can now be scanned and emailed. Also, instead of submitting passport photos, a copy of your driver's license or photo I.D. is sufficient.

"It makes it easier for the person who's applying, it makes it easier for us, therefore we can get those permits approved faster," said Anderson.

But it's not easier for criminals to obtain a concealed handgun permit. Anderson says the same checks and balances are in place.

"This is just a way to make it easier for law abiding citizens to obtain a permit if they so desire," clarified Anderson.

Essentially, just about everything can now be done online, with one exception.

"Fingerprinting can be done through your local sheriff's office. The quickest method is to go to State Police headquarters in Baton Rouge on Independence Boulevard and we can get your fingerprints electronically and that will help us to expedite your application," said Anderson.

But for those who prefer not to fill out an application online, the old fashioned way of printing out a hard copy and filling it out by hand is still an option.

"Some people don't want to do it this way, some people don't trust the Internet, they don't want their information on the Internet. But for the rest of us, this is a lot more convenient," said Anderson.

Applicants still need documentation stating they completed a concealed handgun class as well as an email address. The email address is required because once an online application is accepted, it's where the applicant will receive payment instructions.

Access the online application here:

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