Sulphur man armed submarine torpedoes

Sulphur man armed torpedoes during WWII

Al Khoury doesn't consider himself a war hero. But he is proud of his service in the U.S. Navy during World War Two.

"My official title was 'exploder expert.' That's working on the exploder mechanism that fits into a warhead of a submarine torpedo. I was always attached to the submarine service."

Khoury was a 1st Class Torpedoman, arming warheads for submarines.

I would go right to the propeller with just enough charge in that warhead to knock the propeller and leave the ship dead in the sea. Then they just fire the main charge and sink him."

Khoury was so good at his job, he was part of a project by Admiral Nimitz to straighten a deadly problem of dud torpedoes that had developed among the sub fleet.

"He asked that the Navy Department to pick out the 9 people that represents each part of the torpedo. I was one of them that was picked out of 9 to go to Pearl Harbor Navy Base. I stayed there for a year. After we got there, it got to changing. It got to be hot, straight and normal."

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