Lake area tutors prepare for ACT test changes

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

It's another day of instruction at The Tutoring Center, which means another day of ACT prep.

"The way it's designed, it's designed to test what you've learned in school so far," said Melanie Daley, owner of The Tutoring Center in Lake Charles.

But with recent changes to the college admission test, staff at the center are already preparing for what's new. Like how Daley said the writing portion is turning away from opinion and more to critical thinking.

"They're wanting evidence based supporting sentences and so that's something where you're going to have to change the way you teach that portion so they know how to do that higher level thinking," said Daley.

In the math section, Daley said students could see more statistics and probability. But ultimately, it's only a small difference for students.

Daley said scoring is where the main changes are.

"With the new data that's going to be coming out, some of that is going to be talking about how they anticipate you will do in college," said Daley.

The test still scores from 1 to 36. But starting next year, students will receive additional scores when it comes to college readiness.

For some, the ACT changes remind them of Common Core.

"Some people agree with it and some people don't, but regardless it's in our schools and so the SAT and ACT are making changes to kind of coincide with that," said Daley.

And for the Lake Charles tutors, even with changes Daley said they'll adapt to help students make the grade.

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